Sample Essay

Towards that the company’s strategy of selling direct to the customer, eliminated resale value and allowed the company to pass on its savings to the consumer (Dell 2000). One of the opportunities which Dell capitalized on was to globally expand his company. With the success the company enjoyed it eventually led to the establishment of an international firm in the United Kingdom. By 1988 just five years after the company started it had an initial public stock offering of 30 million dollars.

The Second point shared by Dell is the core idea which spearheaded his corporation which was how to make the process of buying a computer even better. Michael Dell understood through experience that there were four areas where their company could provide features which would give them a sustainable advantage. They were response time, quality products, valuable features and making the experience of buying their products easy. Towards that end in 1990 Dell became the first organization to sell computers through retail at stores like Wal-Mart, Best buy and CompUSA.

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