Sample Essay

Another poem under analysis is Carolyn Forche’s The Colonel which is unlike other poems when it is listened or read. The reason for its being different is the prosaic verses which make the designation of the poem’s genre susceptible. The poem, when read, is like a story as the couplets or stanzas do not rhyme. As the poet starts the poem saying, What you have heard is true. It was in his house (Forche). The lines do not rhyme and this pattern is carried on by the poet in the poem.

There are various elements taken for the formation of the poem but the dominant one is the imagery. The poet draws the picture of the house of colonel that the readers’ or the listeners’ imagination is triggered and they come out to imagine the description as told by the poet. Moreover the poet tells the poem to make it look like a story and it appears that the poet is describing the daily routine of a family. As he says that His wife carried a tray of coffee and sugar. His daughter failed his nails, his son went out for the night (Forche), it looks and sounds like an everyday routine being read out in a prosaic manner.

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