Sample Essay

In their literature review they added that the small number of studies identified support two major conclusions:

  1. Teaching students to become active strategic readers can help remediate the learning difficulties experienced by struggling readers.
  2. Collaborative contexts for teachers and students appear to support improved academic outcomes for all students.

Alper, Fendel, Fraser and Resek (1997) proposed a four-year mathematics curriculum designed to provide a sound background to all secondary students. It describes how various characteristics will be used in the successful formation and implementation of the curriculum. This approach show that the formulation of mathematics curriculum is not sensitive to the needs of students with disabilities treating them as equals with other students.

The effect of inclusion and inclusionary school teaching of general education students with low, average and high academic achievement were examined. Findings signified that inclusive school practices had little differential effect, as low achieving general education students benefited academically but higher achieving students lost ground. In mathematics, general education students had mixed results. (Huber and Rosenfield, 2001)

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