Sample Essay

Franc and Bren cab services is the name of the business whose services are involved with travels and tours. The taxi services to be provided by Franc and Bren cab services will incorporate use of the latest technology and equipment for facilitation of individuals travel around and in its business area. The services offered by this business is a clear depiction of innovativeness and a company that thinks in a forward manner with a clear recognition of the need to move with the demands of the customers that are ever changing (Dyson, 2006). At Franc and Bren cab services, the philosophy is based on placing an emphasis on service together with a realization that in order to emerge successful in a competitive environment, there is need for professionalism and flexibility, through which a leading edge is maintained (Stan, 1999)

  • People: This business has employees and drivers that are resourceful and cautious, with comprehensive training on how to carry out their duties while incorporating the strategy set out in the business.
  • Physical environment: This business location is in Huntington Beach California, Orange County. The area of operation is within the town where the customers are charged a fee based on various factors inclusive of; distance, time and operating costs among others.
  • Process: The strategy of the company is building market share and reputation through establishment of its offering in the business as an alternative that is viable to the cab services already existing in the area.

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