Sample Essay

The books emphasize critically over the aspects of justice and liberty among the black race in the American society. Martin Luther King Jr., is phenomenally considered as a hero for the American civil rights. King opposed racism, militarism and economic biased justice issues in a very diplomatic manner. His approach was deeper than it is often imagined and illustrated. The books comprises of arguments made by the author about King’s civic organization. During the time between 1940s and 1960s, Martin Luther King was quite inclined towards and in sequence re-sculpted the political traditions of the movement established for black people’s freedom and justice issues. He envisaged unregulated rights for the human kind which illustrated on the dissimilar codes of belief of the African American social bible, socialism, liberal culture, the philosophy which interpreted Gandhi’s approach and Popular Front secularism (Jackson).

King’s before time headship destined beyond reconciliation and selection rights. Luther King victoriously defended the rights of trading union, defined equal opportunities for jobless masses, municipal incorporation and full time employment while the freedom movement that ran between 1950s and 1960s met heads on with misery and financially viable retaliation. King also insisted, to the centralized government bodies, upon providing an assurance of jobs, incomes and the delegation of power at the grass root level for poor people when the so called poverty vanishing policies and civilian rights of the Johnson administration collapsed to the achieve the targets of trade and industry freedom for all. King also addressed to dispose of grandiosity and join a secular strength for multi-ethnic democracy and economic righteousness (Jackson).

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