Sample Essay

Bone mass does so at 30 years. Eventually your body odors, your fingers, your hair all are gone. At 40 years, you lose your strength, your breathing capacity decreases. At 90 years of age you lose one of your kidneys. Your body can no longer handle the toxins you intake. You skin dries; your organs shrink, you lose 15% of your bone density if you’re a man and 30% if you’re a woman. At 93 your brain is the size of 3 year olds. Not a pretty picture.

In retrospect, it may be more relevant towards readers who are older since they can appreciate the changes the author continuously mentions. However, the truly depressing part of the book is the emotive nature of the author himself. From the beginning of the book the author does express his acceptance of the futility of his death. However his increasingly somber mood and dark humor does have the potential to trap the reader in a depressive mood as well.

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