Sample Essay

Every company increases its initial product line to include newer products for increasing business levels and gaining an advantage in profit and earnings. In the initial stages of business the manufacturing process of the company will be based on different colored Light Emitting Diodes including red, blue, green, yellow and white Light Emitting Diodes. The rising demand in alternate energy appliances and devices and the shortfall in energy will make way for various products such as Light Emitting Diode lamps, bulbs and computer and television screens based on Light Emitting Diodes.

 The research and development department of the company would not only be responsible to research any updates required for existing products but also for innovating newer products. When the original products of the company have been established in the industry the company will launch newer products which involve the use of Light Emitting Diodes. The plan for future product includes the increasingly popular Light Emitting Diode lamps and bulbs. These products will be launched as test products in the early stages but in the later years of business the company will manufacture these products on a commercial scale. The company will also implement ideas of manufacturing Light Emitting Diode based flashlights, streetlights, ceiling lights and automatic sensor lights which would turn on and off automatically after sensing surplus or shortfall of illumination. The company will also cater for high end industrial implementation of Light Emitting Diode products in various scenarios.

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