Sample Essay

The primary problem which seems to face all these teachers at one point or another is that they simply do not have the funding to undertake the educational projects they believe will aid their students. Maurice Rabb and George Acosta are two teachers who are directly affected by such problems. Maurice gives extra time to one of his students who stutters and is unable to find the professional help he needs, while George takes the fight to city hall to preserve funding for her English as a second language class.

Thus, in many ways each teacher conceptualized his or her own strategies for dealing with each situation. Given the situation however the solution itself is simple and in two parts, the first is gaining funding for the schools so that abstract limitations do not get in the way of providing quality education. The second is to involve the parents closely in the lives of children so that teachers are not alone in their efforts to enhance their education. One study found that if children of ethnic minorities can live in an environment which is stable, has positive parental involvement and consistent control of academic achievement then those children are three times more likely than white children to attend college (Charles, Roscigno, & Torres, 2007).

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