Sample Essay

If we remember the Original game boy consist of a single screen which was large and without colors but with the passage of time some new features are added in the game boy such as the game boy advance and the game boy color which includes an improved resolution and color display but if compared to Nintendo DS it’s still far behind.  The Nintendo DS is skilled to support the 3D graphics with a bottom touch screen which improves the synergy to play the game.

If we see Nintendo has been actively participative in the market by launching its products from time to time.  The Recently launched Gameboy Advance SP has been equipped with much brighter screen and wide variety of colors.  It’s easy to pocket and while travelling also the buttons are comfortable with the compatibility of linking it with other games. What has been observed from personal experience is that the new brighter screen consumes much more batteries but this was predictable with the improved performance.  The older SP could play 10 hours in a regular battery while the new SP gives an 8 hour feedback time.

It has been observed that apart from the physical features technology has also affected the other side of the gaming that is the expenses. The original game boy consumed four AA batteries in a matter of time which proved out to be very expensive. Keeping in mind that after a few days the batteries would be fully consumed and new set of batteries would be required to play the game. The Nintendo DS has a built in rechargeable battery and an adapter which saves a good bit of money which is served in buying batteries (All experts).

The original game boy required a cable wire if one wants to connect it with another game boy. Plus both the players had to sit side by side in order to play with themselves (Piekarski). The Nintendo DS has this built in feature of Wi-Fi. This means that there is no need of cable wires to connect; one can easily connect their Nintendo from far away or even through the internet. This would give a broader path to the gaming where one can connect with their friends and to play games. The downloading option is also included which would result in other players trying you game without the need of the cartridge.  Conversation between playing is also made possible by the Nintendo DS with a Pictochat system which is specially designed by Nintendo to enable chatting while playing games.

Another change that has been made in the Nintendo DS is that it has a built in microphone, advance games and improved battery life which makes life very easy for the user (Virtual game boy, 2009 ).

What I believe is that game boy has achieved its target as being trend setters.  By this I mean that the main thought behind game boy was design a game that one can play without sitting in front of the TV. GBA SP has achieved this to some extent, as I personally believe that most of the gamers would like to play on the big screen at home.

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