Sample Essay

The true goal of the culinary arts is not only to seek the delight of our physical senses. It is to find the perfect balance between foods and wine that infuses the individual with the maximum sensation of its history and culture (Harrington 2007). However it is not enough for food to simply stimulate the taste buds it must also reflect the soul of the connoisseur who made it. It must have beauty as well as taste while being a work of art in its own right.

Ingredients such as caviar especially when used to create such masterpieces truly bring out the aroma and taste of any dish served. That is why caviar is considered one of the finest food currencies in the world. When an ingredient is known as a food currency this refers to its value as an item of exchange. The inherent rarity, taste, exotic nature of these delicacies can actually enhance the dining experience making them very valuable in terms of trade.

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