Sample Essay

Anxiety disorders frequently usually comorbid with drug use, disordered conduct and depression disorders. However, amongst these three common comorbid the most prevalent condition of comorbidity of Anxiety Disorders among adolescents and young adults is the depression disorders which accounts to more than 80% of the total cases diagnosed comorbid. Holding onto this view, the paper shall examine GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and comorbid depression.

The skyrocketing numbers of the patients diagnosed with depression have been found to exhibit anxiety disorders. For instance, the survey conducted by the National Comorbidity Survey in the year 2005, found out that more than 58 percent of patients diagnosed with major depression also met the diagnostic criteria for an anxiety disorder or had high rate of comorbid anxiety. Evidently, among this 58% patients who revealed co-existence of depression disorders and anxiety disorder showed 17 percent comorbidity with GAD, while only 9.9 percent comorbidity with panic disorder.  On the other hand, patients who were diagnosed with various categories of anxiety disorders exhibited and met diagnostic criteria for depression disorder. In other words, patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders exhibited high rate comorbid depression. Statistically, anxiety disorder comorbid depression included 2.3 percent with panic disorder, 9.4 percent with agoraphobia and 22 percent with social phobia. The only challenge in identifying the comorbid due to the difficulty in justifying of either MDD or SAD, since both of their symptoms is sub-syndromal (Shane, Jasiukaitis and Green, 2003).

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