Sample Essay

In the U.S we have seen that there are more autistic boys around us than the girls. The girls seem more responsive to the sentimental part of a picture while the boys would be interested in the factual part. Autistic children are likely to fit in a male pattern. It is assumed that the complex disorder of autism is preceded by a couple of causes that are likely to appear simultaneously (Happe, Ronald and Plomin.paraphrased).

The causes of autism are also said to be based on genetics although the ambiguity lies in whether autism is to be explained by scarce mutations with major effects or by interaction of many genes as the recent studies have led to the identification of several susceptibility genes and an increased appreciation of the contribution of de novo and inherited copy number variation (Abrahams and Geschwind. paraphrased). It was in 1980s, argue Abrahams and Geschwind, when genetic contribution was seen as important element in causing autism as the co-occurrence of chromosomal disorders and syndromes with autism disorders were noted (Abrahams and Geschwind. paraphrased). The studies done in the area of twin and family history supported the studies in genetic etiology of autism. About 10 to 20 % autistic disorder is due to defined mutations, genetic syndromes and de novo CNV account for about 10 to 20% cases of autism disorder (Abrahams and Geschwind. paraphrase). Investigations also indicate that identical twins have a higher tendency for autism than fraternal twins as the report of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Research Reviews in 1998 supported the view while stating that disorder has a strong genetic component (Szpir. paraphrased). While the identity of genes is still not proved and concordance rate for identical twins is not 100%, which suggests that environmental or epigenetic factors are also at play (Szpir. paraphrased).

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