Sample Essay

Autism can be an inherited disease. Studies of twins suggest that at least 0.7 per cent cases are those of due to habitability, also if one of the siblings is found affected with the disorder the risk of the diseases increases automatically which is like other physical diseases, which have genetic factors involved in their generation (Muhle, Rapin and Stephanie. paraphrased).

The study of different cases suggest that a significant proportion of autism disorder might be the result of de novo mutations that can enter in females while further support, state Abrahams and Geschwind, for the idea that autism might be a single continuum comes from a growing list of single genetic lesions each of which seems to cause autism (Abrahams and Geschwind.paraphrase). On the other hand it cannot be said that it is owing to Mendelian, single gene, mutation or to a single chromosome abnormality such as fragile X syndrome to have contributed in the disorder (Abrahams and Geschwind.paraphrased). Neither any of the genetic syndromes associated with ASD prove to have caused autism. There is also an assumption that autistic children from unaffected family or siblings might be due to the result of copy number variations, continuing deletions or duplications in genetic material during meiosis, which serves to prove the fact that the mutation that is the dominant cause of autism is not found in the genome of the parents (Abrahams and Geschwind.paraphrased).

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