Sample Essay

Scenario data is used by GIS to discover sites for new stores. Moreover this data helps other stores to know about the loss they can have due to new stores. Model calibration evaluates fewer shopping trips to any particular store from the origin given before. This shows an underperformance patronage of a store comparatively. Total stores share the total sales and Huff model evaluates this by calculating the market shares. Market shares are evaluated by applying probability of expenditure done by origins. The calibration of market shares lead to survey market scenarios (Dramowisz, 2005).

This type of study is valuable as adoption of GIS technology favors the store managers in order to make intelligent decisions in market. The biggest Kroger Store should enhance their future grocery and other retails with the emerging new technology. Its Managers should be acquainted with the fact that the use of integration of demographics information with application of certain algorithms ensures benefitted retail discipline. Exposure to GIS tools gives consumers assistance to reach the nearest retail outlet (Pillar, 2007).

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