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The article which has been selected for this particular topic is titled Global leaders are team players written by Dr. Martha L. Maznevski & Joseph J. DiStefano.

Martha L. Maznevski is an Assistant Professor of Commerce at the McIntire School

Of Commerce, University of Virginia, where she teaches Organizational Behavior and Joseph J. Distefano is Professor of Organizational Behavior and International Management at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD).

The article’s main theme relates the significance of global teams and how they play their part in this global business environment. It also throws light on how global leaders emerge in the limelight and how they can make a huge difference in the organization’s goal achievement.

Today is the era of globalization and intensified competition the concept of global teams has emerged. Global teams are teams of managers from different departments of the organization working together to achieve some specific goals that are assigned to them which are global in capacity.

As the global environment keep on changing, the global leaders must develop a strong set of conceptual, technical and analytical skills for managing the most complex situations that the team can face. The global team provides an ideal platform in which organizations’ future leaders get a chance of developing themselves and their skills also get improve (Maznevski & DiStefano, 2000).

The authors have identified three steps that are needed to be followed by the global leadership for team effectiveness includes Mapping, Bridging & Integrating.

The first step which is needed to be followed in this regard is the development of the global environment knowledge. This also includes the learning about different cultures, their economical and political situation. Mapping is all about learning and adapting to the current situation. The reason why this step is very crucial is that learning to communicate effectively with peers from other part of the world cultures provides a strong foundation of team building. The second step is bridging this requires frequent information exchange among members. Bridging also helps in developing skills in managing uncertainty. This is the third and final step in which the team is more comfortable with each other in sharing ideas and communicating with each other, which eventually leads to better performance and achievement of goals.

Apart from that the biggest problem that arises is that, the global teams are expensive in nature as compared to the local teams. They are difficult to manage because of the diversity in backgrounds of all the team members.

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