Sample Essay

DiStefano believes that the most essential feature which needs to be identified to maximize both the team performance and global leadership are that all the leaders must have extensive knowledge about the business; also they must have strong functional knowledge in other areas as well apart from their own specialized area.

Secondly the global leaders must focus on some key areas that are identified as adapting to the current situation, maintaining relationships and managing ambiguity. These areas become more important for the global leaders because the global environment is very dynamic and requires quick thinking and decision making. Finally conceptual skills must be very strong for the leaders to deal with the complexities and ambiguities that come in the way.

Agreeing to the facts that are presented by the authors it could be analyzed that despite all the issues that are faced by the global team, research shows that the global team’s success is difficult but not impossible. If proper measures are taken and the team is lead in a good way the desired results can be achieved.

According to the author proper training facilities should be provided to the team members who are lacking in certain areas. As global team members are coming from different backgrounds with different skill set, in the initial stages it is difficult for them to gel in and perform accordingly, but with the passage of time things start to get better and better.

In this regard the communication process is very important. This is one area which can make or break the whole situation. If the communication process is progressive in nature chances are that most of the hurdles that comes in the way would be eliminated through communication.

Overall the article presents the importance of global leadership in an organization. Also as a matter of fact most of the multinationals’ organizations have designed such teams and they rely on them to make important strategic decisions on behalf of the organization. But on the same side there are some issues regarding the global teams which are mainly identified as expensive, time consuming and difficult to manage. But on the larger run if one can foresee the outcome that are generated by these teams then the issues wont remain issues.

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