Sample Essay

In this research the researcher compares the situation in the global politics before and after the September attacks and analyzes the U.S.-Saudi relations before 9/11 and after 9/11. The image of Saudi Arabia as presented in the media especially the U.S press is also analyzed.

The secondary sources, books, journal articles and editorials are utilized to meet the research objective, that is to analyze the image of Saudi Arabia in the American press and identify alterations in the relation between the two countries as well as in the image of Saudi Arabia after 9/11 attacks. The image created by the American press is found negative as the media served to deteriorate the image of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. Unlike the previous researches,[1][2] this paper does not criticize the U.S press for damaging the image of the country nor does it focuses on the impact of the image on the identity of the Saudis (particularly women), however it stands with the researches which aim to analyze how the U.S press views Saudi Arabia[3] and how it has presented the Kingdom as a terrorist country[4]. It is found that before 9/11 the relationship between the U.S and Saudi Arabia was strategic in its very nature. There was a radical change in the relationship as the Kingdom was accused by the media for being responsible for supporting the terroristic actors.

[1] Abu Khalil, As’ ad 2004. The Battle for Saudi Arabia. Seven Stories Press

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[3] Abdu, Genève. 2007. Mecca and Main Street. Oxford University Press US

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