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The above mentioned techniques in different themes are used to obtain information for the geology related aspects like; Volcano structure, Active fault zones, Morphology, Drainage patterns for developing landslide hazard and susceptibility mapping. Additionally, information such as differentiation of Precambrian and overprinted Cenozoic structure, discrimination of lithological units within metasedimentary complexes, survey of the flanks of the volcano edifice prone to collapse sector-s, survey of thermal anomalies using airborne remote sensing data and survey of ground deformation using SAR data.

This information obtained is vital to the geographers who interpret it to come up with the geoharzard projection. In this way they inform the society and other stakeholders about the necessary policies to be adapted to have life and property rescued. To be more specific and precise, the information obtained by the use multi-polarization SAR sensors and hyperspectral sensors that has been mentioned above is combined with the DEM in a GIS to produce a map of potential geoharzard susceptibility like volcanic eruption and landslide.

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