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In general, the application has developed the techniques for spectral data processing using optical sensor data and lineament interpretation of the geological structures of the earth.  This has been enabled through the use of SAR data by employing Landat, SPOT, JERS-1 and ASTER[1].  Furthermore, geological remote sensing application uses data obtained from multi-polarization SAR sensors and hyperspectral sensors for studying the geological structures of the earth surface.  Whereby the hyperspectral sensors reveal the distribution and characteristics of Earth’s geological structures, thus easier to identify geodynamic processes for easy geoharzard mapping.

It is worthy it pointing out that the preference to use the SAR sensors to the optical sensors in obtaining the data is due to various reasons. The first and foremost reason is that Synthetic-aperture-radar imaging satellites have high resolutions as opposed to the optical imaging. Secondly, is the aspect of the effect of weather to imaging processes, SAR is weather independent and can be acquired under cloud-covered condition and night is also possible without much difficulties and effect on the quality [2].  The third justification, it is possible to obtain multiple passes of data to measure minute changes in surface position using interferometric techniques which adds to the reliability and accuracy dimension of the data obtained.

[1] Weber, Charles. 2005. Methodology for Regional Mapping of Natural Hazards using Remote Sensing and GIS. Pp. 262

[2] Ibid. pp. 270

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