Sample Essay

On the worse side, it is also reducing the natural resource base upon which humanity depends including species extinction and reduced food production especially in the tropics. Global warming has increased the spread of vector borne diseases and a research conducted in Canada indicates that respiratory infections are increasing because of the phenomenon (Chehoski, pp. 68-95).

Other diseases are as a result of the weather catastrophes like droughts and floods and highly affect the populations in developing nations whose resource base is limited. More than ever, studies indicate that the incidences of forest fires in Australia have increased because of the high temperatures (Green, p. 37) and strong winds. It is therefore certain that global warming is real and it has adverse effects on the survival of humankind and other species. Furthermore, whereas in the past global warming impacts were local, reversible, and escapable through migration, they are now typically, global, irreversible, and inescapable. This highlights the gravity of the phenomenon and indicates that immediate efforts need to be undertaken in order to counter these effects.

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