Sample Essay

Even if a business organisation is only competing in local market today, doing good business would mean that it would go global in few years. Therefore, it would be assuring to know that the ERP software has language and country localization capabilities, so that when the business expands, it would support and simply the process (Hensarling, 2009).

Technology Pace

Open standards tend to lower the long-term ownership costs. ERP vendors should consider open standards on each possibility (Hensarling 2009).

Product Investment

Stagnant products as well as lack of complete functionalities show how weak an ERP vendor is. Therefore, it is important to go through the document that completely lists all the improved and added features and functions between the first and the current release in order to be sure of the strength of the vendor (Hensarling 2009).

Industry Capability

Many mid-sized businesses require specific functionality in addition to the core capabilities of the ERP software. It is important to know how and ERP vendor will address the industry specific need of the business (Summers 2007).

Integration Approach

ERP solutions can be complemented by other software. By gaining an understanding how an ERP solution integrates with a variety of product not only facilitates the mid-sized organisations with their current infrastructure needs also provides insight the way a vendor plans to address the application directions. ERP vendors may also provide a number of complementary solutions along with their core product, which may also strengthen the consideration of that particular ERP package (Summers, 2007).

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