Sample Essay

Some schools use backstop signs to raise funds. The back wall of the dugout is also used for these signs. Many schools use heavy vinyl banners for wall and fence signs, they last longer and can be taken down and stored in the off-season. Another approach is to get individuals or companies to pledge an amount per innings and organize a 100 innings game. The coach should enlist the help of parents in the solicitation of pledges. Additional funds can be raised on the day of the game by setting up concession stands.

Golf tournaments can also be organized to raise funds. They take time to set up and coordinate but generate around $1,000 per tournament. A 4 person team with a per team entry fee is the standard way of doing these tournaments. The entry fee can vary from $400 – $1,000 per team depending on the market. Another revenue source is to sell “hole sponsorships.” It is also a good idea to have door prizes, or a raffle. (Howdeshell)

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