Sample Essay

They are no longer seen as equals, representations of us, rather they are merely unrecognizable. Additionally, the interpretation of viewpoint by said media can create a discrepancy between what the individual sees and what the individual perceives. The author has likened this effect to a loss of communication between the individual and the media, which may be deliberate or not deliberate. However, this perception directly influences the moral and ethical viewpoint of individuals in society.

If we consider the re-enforcement of this viewpoint by the political system of a country it can be understood how mass alienation among individuals of a population and loss of empathy among them can create an environment of volatility within society that is open to ethical and moral abuse. Certain governments can use the deregulation of the media to its advantage assessing control over the population through dissemination of mass information. If the government of a country does not regulate its media to meet the needs of its people, it is inevitable that they will eventually be the targets for the wrath of individuals who are so far removed from their own humanities that they cannot be the immorality of their own actions.

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