Sample Essay

The fashion portrayed in the Great Gatsby is a good example of life in the 1920’s. In order to show the latest fashion, both men and women use the most expensive clothes in the parties organized. In one of the parties, Lucille converses with Nick and Jordan about an expensive new gown she was given. At this point, Lucille emphasizes the significance of the brand, the detail, and the cost of the gown as she says, “It was gas blue with lavender beads. Two hundred and sixty- five dollars” (Fitzgerald 38).

All this is what draws the line between the fashionable and the unfashionable. Another aspect that marked the 1920’s fashion was fads. Fads were a common thing amongst Americans and the era of the 1920’s could possibly be called the age of fad. The nation was keen on following fashion and some styles became favorable. Fashion is therefore an important aspect of this novel and was a vital asset of the society (Stanley 22).Fitzgerald so powerfully places the characters in these social trends.

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