Sample Essay

Latter, this girl is discovered by other hunters who steal her when the bear was out to hunt. They bring her to the mountains and give her the name Atalanta. When then girl was growing, she decides to keep her virginity by avoiding contact with men as she learnt hunting. She used to wear simple clothes aping virginity goddess Artemi who she claimed was her role model and slept on animal skins that she had killed on hunting grounds. This part of the story was used to expose another incongruity for the society to learn from (Beck, 1964, p.59).

Despite the fact that these men salvaged Atalanta, she chose not to return the favor by giving her body to them as would be expected. The story describes the girl as one who possessed unrivalled beauty and would arouse fear among men whenever they looked t her. No man could easily make it closer to her as her vivacity with splendor enabled her repel them. Meeting her was a desire of any man as she seldom used to meet any among them.

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