Sample Essay

Are you ready to sing? Are you ready to be a Karaoke Superstar?

If you do, then step into the spotlight, grab the microphone and sing your heart out for the Green Middle School Karaoke Club!

Sometimes a person just wants to let go and express what they feel. If you just want to feel free, if you just want to let go and hang out with friends and have fun. Then grab a microphone, dust off your singing voice, choose your favorite song and head on to the Green Middle School Karaoke Club. Every Wednesday after school from 3:15 to 4:15 P.M in room 9 is an opportunity for students to meet, sing and have fun. It’s open to anyone and everyone. Not only will it help your singing voice, but it’ll enhance your reading skills as well. So come along, sing your heart out and embrace the music and see Miss Moran if you’re interested in joining the Green Middle School Karaoke Club.

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