Sample Essay

People have been in quest of their fortune in Gulf countries for a long time. There are huge numbers of guest workers who have flooded from the less developed countries to the attracting oil rich Gulf economies in search of good monetary benefits. The majority of these guest workers are mainly unskilled or semiskilled labors.

The question arises that why do such a high level of people migrate to the Gulf states? And why do host nations allow them to work in their respective countries? The logical argument to these questions shows that there must be something in it for both the parties which could be presented in terms of materialism and consumerism.

The employer gains great advantage from this system in the form of availability of cheap labor and enlarged workforce. On the employees perspective they are getting money in the form of the gulf currency for instance in dinar, when it would be converted into the employees’ local currency it would make a substantial amount which they can only dream about in their country. Just as Americans hire Mexican to do the job that they consider they do not want to do, similarly the gulf Arabs hire workers for the work they think are below their level (Weiner).

The service industry in the gulf region is being dominated by these guest workers, and not to be surprise the oil kingdom of the Gulf have more immigrant than the local nationals. The intensity of this could be realized by the fact that only 17% of the population of Dubai is local, the rest are foreign workers. No one is to be blamed for this system as it has paid off, Gulf need workers and the workers need jobs.

In this era of intense competition organizations are looking to cut their cost and they do so by having cheap labor. The money that is being saved in this process is injected in the development of the organization. And the best way to do this is to hire workers from less developed countries.

For most of the undeveloped countries the money send by these workers are a source of generating great revenues .Unemployment, getting less paid, increasing need of money, inflation etc all these combines to persuade a person to go abroad. Gulf is a good market for them that can cater their monetary needs also the fact that the labor demand is also high in gulf. It’s a win- win situation for both the parties, the employers’ needs workers and the workers need jobs.

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