Sample Essay

Introduction: The concept of Gun Control

The idea behind gun control is simple. Control the influx of weapons into the country and rid it of its current possessions by individuals so that the majority concentration of weapons is in the hands of government controlled authorities such as the militia. Those in favor of gun control laws argue that this curbs access to weapons by criminals, juveniles and those that may be a safety hazard to others, also referred to as high risk individuals. The aim is to curb the availability of guns in a federal setting so the country cleans itself theoretically. Whereas measures such as the registration of firearm owners and their weapons may not seek the exact purpose of ridding the society of weapons, other efforts such as the cash for guns scheme seem to complement it better.

The suggested processes are easier to implement since they hold no positive constitutional barriers as such (save for the 2nd Amendment) and do not incur significant social costs.

However, the opposition to gun control law has been just as adamant to point out that such laws only curb the freedom of the law abiding citizen and use historical examples of gun control in other countries as proof since countries like Australia, Russia and Germany have seen significant rise in crime and deaths not long after guns were banned within the society. The logic is simple; criminals do not stop using weapons just because there is a shortage of availability in the market but in fact become bolder with the knowledge that the average citizen will not be armed and can thus be easily looted. Widespread use of guns for personal use could thus prove to be an effective deterrent to crime and tyranny, whether it is at the hands of gangs or by the government itself.

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