Sample Essay

Hamas is a terrorist organization whose main goal is to destroy Israel.  When Palestinians elected them, it was an affront to Israel and a declaration that Israel had no partner for peace. The election of Hamas was a purely internal issue.  Hamas ran on a domestic reform platform, capitalizing on widespread discontent with years of Fatah corruption and ineffectiveness and its own reputation as a social service provider.  Much of its campaign focused on internal Palestinian issues, playing down the conflict with Israel.

The Hamas take-over in Gaza opened the way for the resumption of talks between Israel and the moderate Palestinian leadership in the West Bank led by Mahmoud Abbas. The Hamas take-over in Gaza heralded an unprecedented period of disunity in the Palestinian national movement and internal violence between dissenting factions.  Ismail Haniya, former Palestinian prime minister, ruled out setting up a separate state ruled by Hamas in the Gaza Strip saying that “Gaza belongs to all the Palestinian people” (Bickerton and Klaunsner).

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suggested that the Arab-Israeli conflict ought to be solved by sending the Jews back to Europe and this is not the only one thing that Jews immigration will lead to conflict resolution and peace (Lesch).