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Meaning these diseases require years of funding to treat patients with no guarantee of recovery.

However, it is much more likely that Medicare wills continues it current mode of operations and will continue to employ the use of the failed Quality Initiative. With increasing Job losses and a recessive economy it is doubtful that the organization will find its way back to profitability and become free of the aid it is receiving from the GDP of the United States and the Health Insurance Fund. Additionally it is conceivable that Medicare will abandon all the programs it consider non essential.

Among those will be programs which are geared towards the medical aid of felons or sex offenders. It is possible that the health benefits afforded to senior citizens in nursing homes may be revoked in an effort to increase funding for the organization. It is equally plausible that Medicare will possibly outsource some of its businesses to local prisons such as their help lines and customer relations due to budget concerns and deficits. However, it is inevitable that in the end no amount of funds will help the organization return to a mode of profitability. It has been suggested by the republican body recently that it may be more prudent for congress to scrap the program completely in favor of a more contemporary approach. In my opinion I believe that is a much better option over the wait and see approach the Medicare has obviously adopted over the last few years.

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