Sample Essay


Sexually Transmitted diseases or STD are diseases which may be transmitted between humans through sexual contact. There are many diseases which encompass this definition. However, one of the most well known and life threatening diseases is known as HIV which leads to AIDS. The incidence of AIDS is the cause of millions of deaths around the world, with several more millions infected. In order to combat STDs and HIV preventative measures have been taken in the United States and around the world in the form of prevention programs.

These programs are mainly directed towards the youth of each country and educate them on the dangers of STDs and HIV and the preventative measure which can be taken in the form of a condom. The use of Social Cognitive Theory in this case may be prudent to understand the processes that influence the behavioral thinking of individuals. Several studies have been conducted into the efficacy of these prevention programs. Some programs such as Youth United Through Health Education have found success in their implementation. While others which have attempted to transplant successful programs to other areas have found failure. With annual health costs in the United States with regards to STDs increasing and the incidence of such diseases showing an increase it is imperative that such programs resolve their shortcomings and help adolescents understand the dangers of STDs.

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