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A prototype automated system for depicting the best use of technology is HELP system and it is supposed to be the first information system that was used in a hospital and it used to serve through taking information and sending information with advice and prescription for the cure and clinical treatment. The domain of such type of automated systems is wider and is programmed in such a way that they usually ought to give accurate reading. This system displays the threat of abrasions which was decreased by medicine prescribed by the automated system (Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, 1996).

Apart from giving cure to the patients it is also a great help to physicians as this automated system helps the doctors by giving reminders. When analyzing complex cases, computer helps by integrating the patient’s history from the knowledge base of expert system. The reminders to physicians about the patient’s dose reduced the hospitalizations, visits and sicknesses. Timely alerts also gave recovery to severe kidney patients. Due to the high usage of interactive HIV terminals for doctors, they were able to access the database history of patient’s condition from any of the thousands of terminals and also the HIV knowledgebase for progress in patient’s care. This way they managed to treat many of the HIV patients and caused 20% decrease in hospitalizations. The reason was regular care primarily and perked up quality of treatment (Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, 1996).

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