Sample Essay

When the novel is seen in its entirety, it comes to light that it moves away from irony, comedy and diversity of characterization (Schneider). Hemingway’s novels are closer to pure poetry than lyrics (Schneider). The title of the novel ‘AFarewell to Arms’ has double meaning suggesting Henry’s parting with Catherine’s arms and love and also from arms that stand for war and bloodshed.

Henry’s character is said to represent Hemingway’s own life and thus the novel appears autobiographical but Hemingway seems careful to refer to his character as an invented one in order to detach himself from the character (Donaldson). While some of the critics take Catherine’s death as a trigger to evoke the religious reawakening of the hero and he recalls his past conversations related to religion but some critics are of the view that although Catherine’s death is moaned deeply by Henry but in reality it makes him free from the responsibities of an adult life and her death is used as a tool by the author to make his hero frm the hell of responsibities (Killinger).

When the beloved dies he saw ‘nothing but the dark and the rain falling across the light from the windows’ (Hemingway 327) which represents the emptiness and darkness in his life after Catherine who was a symbol of life for him.

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