Sample Essay


As with any Shakespearean play the work at hand here depicts an engrossing display of inspirational dialogues, storyline and a solid array of motivational characters each offering their own distinct pattern of lessons on integrity and ideals. Henry V follows the story of Prince Henry, who as such is the main source of such messages, having progressed from the two previous versions of Henry IV, wherein he grows up as a privileged kid more accustomed to royal luxury than anything else. As Henry grows up and takes charge of the throne, it essentially becomes a story of his coming of age, where he delves into the grueling demands of battle and leadership in war.

It is a transition he makes in quite a short period of time, teaching the reader the importance of effectively handling pressure situations, delivering ever inspiring impromptu speeches (such as the Saint Crispian Day’s speech) and making all important war time decisions including but not limited to waging one. As the king makes the transition from Prince Henry to Henry V, he takes upon himself the responsibilities of the throne, and when brought to his attention the disputed territories of France by the archbishop, makes for a distinct transformation from Prince to a King, capable of issuing orders and commanding an army. Henry goes on to win the war with France and subsequently claims the heart of the French King’s daughter, Katherine, depicting his soft side even if the process of wooing itself was not particularly exemplary and short-lived. As the new commander of French land, Henry emerges as the war hero the English needed.

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