Sample Essay

It should be noted that the high rates of unsafe abortions in Eastern Africa are mainly due to the lack of access to sexual and reproductive health care, health care which includes accessibility to abortive procedures. The authorization of abortions by the South African government was instrumental in decreasing the abortion rate in that region from 1994 to 2001 by 90%. In 2006 the African government recognized the danger that unsafe abortions posed and took measures to insure women had access to proper reproductive health care (Dabash & Roudi-Fahimi, 2008).

One of the ways in which these countries have attempted to reduce the rate of abortions is by pushing programs which emphasize family planning. A survey taken in Egypt in 2005 showed that 56% of women who were married used modern methods of contraception. Another survey conducted in Damascus in 2006 taken among women who were 15 to 49 years of age found that 45% relied on traditional methods of contraception. These methods were known to have high failure rates while 25% used oral methods of contraception (Dabash & Roudi-Fahimi, 2008).

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