Sample Essay

Several centers began to open in the United States, Europe and Canada. The term Hippotherapy was created in the 1960s when horse riding was used to supplement physical therapy in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Then in 1964 the UK formed its first advisory council for riding for the disabled. In 1969 with the blessing and support of the Royal Family the British Riding for the Disabled Association was founded. It was also introduced in Canada in the same year by way of its first centre known as Community Association for Riding for the Disabled. It was started by Dr. Bauer and Mr. Renaud.

The founding of the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association occurred in the same year. Later in 1980, the Federation Riding for the Disabled International was founded to assist in developing therapeutic programs worldwide. In 1996 at the Sydney games, Equestrian sports became the largest Paralympics’ event in history with 122 countries present and participating.

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