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He further goes on to indicate the fallacy of US Government by saying

…the president stressed the size of the bomb (which was sure to impress most Americans), rather than the horrific effects of radiation, an aftereffect of an atomic bomb that most Americans were at the time probably ignorant of. Later on, in the days following Hiroshima, the Air Force provided American newspapers with an aerial photograph of the city and stressed that they had targeted an area with major industrial targets (Veracity).

And also

Both the seized Japanese footage and the U.S military footage remained hidden from public view for decades. In the late 1960s, the Japanese government negotiated with the U.S. State Department, asking for the seized black-and-white film to be returned to Japan. The United States shipped a copy of the newsreel to Japan, which evoked the curiosity of filmmaker Erik Barnouw. After seeing the footage for himself at the National Archives in Maryland, Barnouw decided to edit the 160-minute material down to 16 minutes of marginal, yet powerful footage, placing images of the bombs’ human effects near the end of the film for maximum impact. Barnouw’s “Hiroshima-Nagasaki 1945” was screened at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, but none of the three main television networks would air the film (Verasity).

Paul also quotes Alsop as saying

“The true, climactic, and successful effort of the Japanese peace advocates . . . did not begin in deadly earnest until after the ‘second bomb had destroyed Nagasaki. The Nagasaki Bomb was thus the trigger to all the developments that led to peace.” (Fussell).

This argument is quite untrue as well. The efforts were being made long before the bombing and the Japanese army at that time was actively seeking and killing those who were in the favour of peace.  Batow signifies this fact while mentioning the invasion of Japan by Soviets:

“This was a blow to the Japanese government’s peace-seeking efforts. The Russians had been the only major nation with which Japan still had a neutrality pact, and, as such, had been Japan’s main hope of negotiating a peace with something better than unconditional surrender terms” (Batow).

Though the arguments in favor of the bombing presented by Paul Fussell are based on facts, however, these fact have been quoted to narrow the focus of the argument, hence fail to justify the bombing at all. The fact remains that Hiroshima bombing was an atrocity that took place in 1945 and serves an example of destruction that humans can cause to themselves by misuse of technology.

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