Sample Essay


Africans have always been a victim of racial discrimination, and prejudices of many sorts. Whites i.e. Europeans wrote a great history of the world highlighting there great achievements. Seeing that Egypt has been doing very well, Europeans incorporated them as their part as white. A great historian named Cheikh Anta Diop came as a revolutionary figure for the world, who unveiled the contribution of Africans in the progress of world.

Dr. Diop was a historian and anthropologist who worked on species, culture, environment and climate of Africa thoroughly. He belonged to Senegal and is known as a racialist scientist. Previously it was written by Euro-Americans in the listings that it is the whites who have served the world in reaching where it is today. In fact there was racism against Asians as well making it a tri-polar bias, but Asia somehow managed to speak off herself and got out of this discriminating activity. But the bi-polar partiality has not yet ended completely.

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