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If we discuss the history of the role of the UN it comes to light that the ‘peacekeeping operations’ are of vital significance regarding the role of the UN and the first of the ‘peacekeeping operation’ was ‘United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF)’ which aimed to resolve the conflict over Suez Canal on the basis of some principles which include ‘consent of the parties to the conflict, impartiality, and use of force only in self-defence’[1]. The aim of these operations was to examine the condition in the areas of the conflict.

The UN has the crucial responsibility to materialize the prospects of peace that is not an easy job and is extremely complex when it comes to implementation. An important fact is that the UN itself failed to define ‘peacekeeping’ which makes the status and the authority of the UN ambiguous[2].

The UN Security Council is the part of the UN that aims, specifically, to solve conflicts and maintain peace and security among nations. The question of keeping peace resulted in the emanation of the various documents by the UN as in An agenda for peace Boutros-Ghali came to admit that in case of the failure of soft power it is important to say that other means can be employed to deal with situation among which ‘military option’ is really important to keep peace and maintain the ‘credibility’ of the UN[3].

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