Sample Essay

The American Civil war proved to be a revolutionary event in the U.S. history. Stanley Elkin has written a book on the topic mainly of the U.S. Civil War. This book named as Slavery describes his own perceptions about the U.S. Civil War which revolved around the conflicting issues about the slavery. James McPherson has also perceived the concept of slavery in U.S and has described his point of view in his book Ordeal by Fire.

According to McPherson the Civil War broke out because of the differences in the two communities’ northerners and southerners who had been developing in a scattered manner. He supported an anti-slavery movement and he emphasized on the points which supports the abolishing of the slavery from America. The eradication of racism and autonomous rights to every person was the motive of his texts. McPherson supported modernization big time and valued this as a greatest thing to apply to America by Protestants, which many Americans could not understand at that time. According to him Southerners and Catholics were not accepting its implementation (McPherson, 2000).

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