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Essay: Holy Thursday | Term Paper Queen

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Blake, in his poems, raised voice against the corruption of his times. In his poem ‘Holy Thursday’ he speaks against the corruption of the church officials who do not give the orphans their due rights and make the innocent children starve. In the poem ‘Nurse’s Song’ Blake shows his anger against the corrupt parsons and nurses due to whom children’s faces are pale and weak because they are malnourished. His ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience: Showing the Two Contrary States of Human Soul’ are the two books of Blake through which the great poet has expressed his views. ‘Songs of Innocence’ were published in 1789 while ‘Songs of Experience’ were published in 1794.

The poems of innocence are different from the poems of experience. The innocence poems describe the carefree and innocent joys of children and the experience poems describe the loss of innocence after exposure to the corrupt and materialistic world. Many of the poems in the innocence book have poems (songs) with same names in experience book but the theme and tone of the two songs are different from each other. ‘The Chimney Sweeper’ in the innocence book presents the view of the poet that is different from ‘The Chimney Sweeper’ of the experience book. He presents his themes in two very different ways as he describes innocence and experience as two different sides of human soul.

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