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Thus, as the homicide rate grew, the number of solved cases in Washington dwindled. In the timeline during 1965 and 1992 the clearance rate for murders fell from 91% to 65%, an unprecedented 26% drop. In an attempt to address this problem law enforcement agencies and the federal bureau of investigations created their own team known as the Cold Case Homicide Squad also called the Cold Case Squad or the CCS (Regini).

In terms of personnel the squads usually contain squad or one or more full time investigators in addition to other investigators who work these cases in addition to their actual duties. Seasoned detectives in a full time or volunteer capacity are also assigned as well as partnerships which can be made with squads from the district or state attorney’s office or squads relegated to the state or county. They can also form partnerships with the F.B.I, U.S Marshalls, Coroner’s office, retired personnel, field specialists or any other law enforcement agency. A supervisor acts as a buffer between the two squads while another supervisor who is usually a sergeant can co-ordinate the team’s daily activities. Certain squads are also defined by their jurisdictional authority. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the Army Criminal Investigate Division as well as the Air Office of Special Investigations are assigned cold cases which have a military component in nature. However, NCIS by design is meant to be a convert operative team (Turner and Kosa).

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