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Before the ‘horrendous events’ of September, Saudi and U.S officials used to refer to their ‘bilateral ties’ as a ‘strategic partnership’ that had ‘yielded positive results for both sides for over six decades’[1]. After 1973 the partenership between the two countries meant to ensure the availability of oil in the international markets with fairly stable prices.

Before 9/11, in the days of ‘strategic partnership’ between the two countries, Saudia Arabia has been providing support to the interests of the U.S in Afghanistan against Soviet Union in 1980s. In return the U.S provided protection to the royal family and the  Kingdom against the threatening neighbors. During the straining relationship with Iran from 1987 to 1988 and incessant threats by Saddam Hussain[2] in 1990s, Saudia Arabia looked to the U.S for help. Even in the days of their alliance, the ‘Lukewarm Saudis’ were sluggish to respond the calls of the U.S but Crown Prince Abdullah, according to the analysts, is ‘certain to be less slavishly pro-American than some of his predecessors[3].

 [1] Subhan, Taufiq. “U.S-Saudia Relations: Coming of Age.” Economic and Political Weekly, 09 13, 2003: 3885-3889.

[2] Dictator of Iraq during 1990

[3] Crock, Stan, John Rossant, and Neal Sandler. “Bombs Can’t Make up for a Bankrupt Mideast Policy.” Business Week, 02 16, 1998: 58-58.

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