Sample Essay

Another study took into account how these personality types can affect the general mental ability of an individual and in turn how such a mental ability can affect job performance. They found that three types’ Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Neuroticism were the best predictive factors for the future mental ability of an individual and that in turn that mental ability was essential for gauging the job performance and success rate of individuals in the workplace. They also found however, that while success was found it was only external in nature. The correlation of data between success and job satisfaction found that there was not enough of an association to suggest that these individuals experienced intrinsic as well as extrinsic success (Judge et al.,  1999).

Thus a hypothesis was made that individuals with a higher mental capacity can take into account the practical implications of their work and can change their work ethic to reflect their own social tendencies and ensure their continued progression in the workplace (Judge et al., 1999).

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