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Annotated Bibliography

Dong, N. T., & Kleiner, B. H. (1999). Asian Discrimination in the Workplace. Equal Opportunities International , 18 (5/6), 11-15.

The authors in this journal article have addressed a form of cultural conflict that leads up to discrimination. They have made use of Asian discrimination practices as an example of the culture based discrimination and resulting break down of an organization’s communication process. The article begins by providing an example of the case of two Asian employees that won a case against Western Digital Corp.

The authors take on an inductive approach and broaden the horizon of the article to incorporate country level examples of work place conflicts based on cultural differences. Further on in the article, a more specific approach can be observed through which conflict is generated on the basis of culture. The authors highlight culture based discrimination and resulting consequences in the areas of lay-offs, promotions, wage rages, human resource policies, training and development of personnel, retirement options and harassment case dealings as they exist as victims of culture based discrimination and the resulting break down of the organization’s effectiveness. The authors present a number of remedies as suggestions for the tackling of workplace conflicts based on cultural differences. It was evident that the focus of the authors was in fact the manner in which the senior management perceives supervisor level and lower level staff in cases where the staff constitutes personnel from cultures that can be classified as minorities in that region. The article proved to be a highly informative example of how discrimination in the work place can lead to the development of conflict that can cause serious damage to the communication process in an organization. The article was particularly relevant when considered with regard to the fact that it shed light on specific areas and functions of the organization in which culture based differences can impact on the work place.

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