Sample Essay

The nature of man and universe is explained in Sikhism by their guru that the love distribution let the God create enormous expanse. Further explanation says that God wanted to spread out his adore to the humans and this made him create the universe from within himself. The nature of universe is based on three tiers i.e. maya – the power of fiend or god to change, prapanca – plurality of the world as empty, and avidya – the power of ignorance (Smith).

Jainism considers universe as a three-tier connection. It has lower, middle and upper worlds. Jainism also deduces the universe as eternal and unbreakable. The origin of the universe is eternal. The upper world is called as siddhasila which is urbanized by pure and free souls living in peace. The middle layer is cause to undergo the karma laws. The lower world is dwelled by people having atrocities in return of their sins. When these souls would be liberated after their punishments will get over. Jiva and ajiva are two components which are eternal, unbreakable, mutually co existing. Ajiva is a matter having qualities and atoms. Ajiva is physical body and Jiva is a soul (Smith).

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