Sample Essay

In the United States a system which is more popularly known as the Electoral College is under action which allows a candidate who receives fewer popular votes to win an election. As a matter of fact in the American history there are many presidential candidates who were able to won the popular vote, but they failed to receive a higher amount of electoral votes and as a result they were unsuccessful. The president and the vice-president who are heading the executive branch are chosen through this complicated process which is known as the electorate college.

There are two voting systems that are currently working in the United States, according to the first approach the entire nation would vote to elect the president and vice president which in other words are also known as direct popular election. The second approach is the one on which we are going to focus on which is the electorate college. According to Electorate College system the people of each state would elect their candidate for the US congress by the direct popular election. After that these members would decide on the behalf of the public which candidate to be elected for the president and vice president (Reichley).

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