Sample Essay

Moving on from this study it can of course be seen then how this cognitive theory may be applied to several different researches and may also provide an understanding into existing studies which have been conducted. One such study considered how STDs and HIV may be prevented in adolescents living in an area which is highly prevalent in STDs. Between January 2001 and May 2002 the Youth United Through Health Education program found that 63% of adolescents in neighborhoods in San Francisco with high rates of STDs between 12 and 22 years had sexual partners.

They also found that 47% of them did not use condoms consistently, while 18% of them had a history of STDs. The program worked towards the detection and prevention of STDs while allowing youth to empower and protect themselves. By conducting studies which recorded the rates of various STDs in the community such as Chlamydia they found a sharp decrease in STD levels in the ensuing years after implementation of the program (Sieverding, Boyer, Siller, Gallaread, Krone & Chang, 2005 p. 375-85).

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