Sample Essay

Another area which is commonly neglected but is very crucial is the sector of health care. The illegal immigrant poses the biggest threat to the legal citizens. How this is possible? The answer to this question is that, because the illegal immigrant does not go through the necessary medical screening, chances are that they might be carrying contagious diseases with them, which can become a major health problem for the rest of the public.  This also increases the chance of rebirth of those diseases that might have been eradicated in the society.

The centre of disease control shows that 65% of the illegal immigrants account for diseases that could be easily communicated to other citizens. These diseases include Tuberculosis, leprosy, AIDS, and hepatitis etc. Among these most of them were either eliminated totally or nearly. This would have dual affect on the society primarily on the health side and on the other hand the productivity would also hamper (Kraft, 2007). People would become ill take rest which would cost the organization. In the United States the illegal immigrants and their families are permitted to free emergency health care which in other words means that the illegal immigrant rely on the tax payers’ expense. The utilization rate of hospitals and health care clinics of these illegal immigrants are double the rate of the entire US population. All the resources that are consumed in the recovery of the illegal immigrants are generated through the taxes paid by the legal citizen and overall the legal citizen has to suffer because of the flooded illegals. As most of the illegal immigrants are not medically insured the cost of medical treatment of such person is transferred to the legal tax payer citizen.

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