Sample Essay

One common argument that has been presented in this regard is that the illegal immigrants are doing such jobs which the normal American would not do, but the thinking behind this argument is very weak. The current system that is prevailing is only helping the corporate to earn more profit by hiring these illegal immigrants on cheap wages. According to a study the average illegal immigrant earn one-tenth of his American opposite number. This is where the problem arises as corporations hire these illegal immigrants because they are cheap, and in the job market when the legal American is in competition with the illegal immigrant the organization would go for the illegal immigrant, reason being they are cheap in rates. If the organizations would pay a decent amount to the legal citizens then they would definitely do the work that is required.

If for the sake of argument one accepts the contribution that the illegal immigrants have on the society, the other side of the coin is very different that is the payment of taxes. If the contribution that the illegal immigrants is compared with the cost of the tax payment it would be very nominal. A research conducted by the Centre of immigration showed that each year the illegal immigrants cost around $15billion more than they contribute towards the society.

This figure is not surprising reasons being the government programs that are being used by these immigrants. The theory behind this is quite simple, as the illegal immigrants are usually paid under the table or they earn have low income, they usually contribute less in tax payments and eventually the gap that has been created, and this gap has to be bearded by the local government. Another issue of a similar kind is that the legal immigrants are very much interested in putting their money back to the economy, but the illegal immigrants send a major portion of their earnings back to their home country which creates unrest in the host nation’s economy. An estimated amount of $25 billion were sent back to Mexico alone, this figure would give a much better picture of how much money is injected out from the economy by the illegal immigrants. If we analyze this situation from another perspective it means that at least $25 billion more could have been incorporated in the American economy. This amount would have helped the economy to grow and to create job opportunities for the legal citizens.

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